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Evil Aries are known for their headstrong determination and lack of self-control. They are natural leaders, and their charisma can draw the weak-minded in droves. Aries supervillains seek out conflict, and their overwhelming sense of invincibility is both their strongest point and the cause of their ultimate downfall.

Famous Evil Aries:
Lady Gaga 3/28

Adolph Hitler 4/20


Material greed and selfishness is the hallmark of the Evil Taurus. Their obsession with luxury and opulence makes their evil lairs ultra-comfy. A tendency toward extreme jealousy makes this sign the most likely to enslave the ones they love.

Famous Evil Taureans:
Vladimir Lenin 4/22
Saddam Hussein 4/28
Baron Von Richthofen 5/2
Niccolo Machiavelli 5/3
Ayatollah Khomeini 5/17


Evil Geminis make excellent backstabbers, as they are naturally two-faced. Believing themselves to be extremely intelligent, Geminis come up with the most elaborate schemes to defeat their enemies. However, Gemini villains are more likely than any other sign to be foiled when they over-confidently divulge their entire evil plan to a seemingly doomed hero before it has been carried out.

Famous Evil Geminis:
Marquis de Sade 6/2
Donald Trump 6/14


The creation of most Cancer supervillains occurs when they become maniacally obsessed with a trivial or unintentional insult. Deeply sensitive homebodies unable to shrug off the slightest offense, Evil Cancers reflexively retreat to their fortress/lab/bunker and devise a plan to destroy the world. This sign is fond of money, so look to an Evil Cancer when the world's gold reserves mysteriously disappear.

Famous Evil Cancers:
King Henry VIII 6/28
John Dillinger 6/28
George W. Bush 7/6
George "Machine Gun" Kelly 7/18
Lizzie Borden 7/19


Evil Leos are by far the most charming of the supervillain sun signs. They are affectionate and demonstrative to their friends and loved ones up until the moment they have them eliminated. Leos appreciate the grand gesture, and have a flair for bright, colorful propaganda. Flamboyant invasions and military coups are the forte of this sign, which thrives in the spotlight of infamy.

Famous Evil Leos:
Benito Mussolini 7/29
Grigori Rasputin 7/29
Mata Hari 8/7
Napoleon Bonaparte 8/15


Disturbingly obsessed with trivial details, Evil Virgos apply themselves vigorously to the creation of their evil empire. Extremely picky and concerned with harmony and balance, this sign is the most likely to destroy entire cities/governments/populations that create discord in their world. Virgos are obsessed with neatness, which makes them the least likely sign to leave bodies behind.

Famous Evil Virgos:
Ivan the Terrible 8/24
John Wilkes Booth 8/26
Slobodan Milosevic 8/29
Cardinal Richelieu 9/5


Since Libra is the sign of justice and fairness, the supervillain born under this sign doesn't blithely break the law. Instead, they install puppet governments or operate in the shadows of legitimate legal structures to further their evil plans. Evil Libras are sensitive to public perception, and may buy large media organizations to liven up their image.

Famous Evil Libras:
Lee Harvey Oswald 10/17
Jesse Helms 10/18
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 10/15


Since most people born under the sign of Scorpio are naturally evil, it is difficult for the truly super-evil to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Paranoid and possessed of a keen imagination, the Scorpio supervillain is often too sidetracked by imagined assaults to protect him/herself against the true threat. Of all the signs, Evil Scorpios plot the best elaborate revenge.

Famous Evil Scorpios:
Marie Antoinette 11/2
Spiro Agnew 11/9
Senator Joseph McCarthy 11/14


Freewheeling Sagittarius supervillains have a tendency to begin more evil plots than they care to finish. To become truly successful, this sign needs to learn to focus their nefariousness in one clear direction, or they will always be hiring new henchmen to clean up the bodies of the old ones. Evil Sagittarians have a flair for devising new and inventive ways to torture foes.

Famous Evil Sagittarians:
Francisco Franco 12/4
Walt Disney 12/5
Joseph Stalin 12/21


Humorless and driven, the sign of Capricorn creates the supervillains with the most staying power. Deeply resentful of their inability to love or be loved by others, Evil Capricorns apply themselves to an overall strategy of world-domination. Their tireless determination and perseverance quite often earns them the coveted power that will eventually drive them insane.

Famous Evil Capricorns:
Howard Hughes 12/24
Richard Nixon 1-9
Idi Amin 1-1
Sun Myung Moon 1-6
Rush Limbaugh 1-12
Benedict Arnold 1-14


The famed Aquarian affinity for friendship and community makes this a weak sign for supervillains. Most Evil Aquarians are unintentionally so, but manage to wreak considerable havoc and destruction with their half-assed attempts at union and harmony. Their inability to experience and consequently understand human emotion can make interaction with the Evil Aquarian especially perilous.

Famous Evil Aquarians:
Dick Cheney 1/30
Glenn Beck 2/10
Jerry Springer 2/13
James Hoffa 2/14
Kim Jong Il 2/16


The Pisces supervillain is the most attuned to the subtleties of human interaction, and therefore, capable of the most sadistic forms of evil. Most Evil Pisces are created when the natural Pisces desire to understand and help mankind is overwhelmed by their frustration and disgust toward those they are trying to aid. This usually leads to the typical Pisces desire to eradicate the human race.

Famous Evil Aquarians:
Alan Greenspan 3/6
Osama bin Laden 3/10
Rupert Murdoch 3/11

L. Ron Hubbard 3/13

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